Bachelor degrees

An undergraduate degree is a bachelor degree. It's the degree that come after earning a diploma but before a graduate (master's or doctorate) degree. An undergraduate degree is also known as first degree that can be earned following a secondary education. Most undergraduate programs, especially four-year bachelor degrees, include a general education component, elective courses, and core (or major) courses. General education courses are exactly that, general. All undergraduate students, regardless of their chosen field of study, are usually required to take the same general education courses, depending on the centers they attend. General education typically consists of courses in mathematics, history and the sciences. Once general education courses are completed, students will then complete elective and core courses, which are more in line with their major or career path.

There are two categories of undergraduate degrees, Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees. Associate degrees are 2-year programs. Bachelor Degrees are 4-year programs.

List of Bachelor Degrees