Prof. Dr. Nazar Kareem Jawad Rabeeah

International Vice President for the Middle East


As-Salamu Alaikum

Brief Overview of Arabic programs of Isles International University in the Republic of Iraq

The University has taken a good place among the students and joining them in various human and scientific disciplines in various parts of the Republic of Iraq, where the university follows the same system in the Iraqi universities in the undergraduate studies and postgraduate studies, where the students graduates from bachelor's degree after a period of four consecutive years, Master degree after two years, and PhD after three years.

The postgraduate studies include the preparatory stage and the thesis or dissertation stage. The supervision of the postgraduate students is done by all professors in the public universities. In the preparatory study, the same hours and units are approved in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Republic of Iraq.

Graduates from this university are the finest classes of Iraqi society, distinguished military leaders, politicians, tribal elders, Judges and lawyers, teachers and educational leaders, so enriched and fed these institutions and long-time graduates of the Isles International University has become more efficient.

The University's long-term sustainability in the Republic of Iraq is the result of ongoing and open cooperation by the University President. The University and its students aspire to be more fortunate through the equivalence of their degrees in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and thereby achieving several twinning double degree cooperation with recognized universities.


Discussion of Master thesis