Doctor of Engineering

The Doctor of Engineering  is designed to provide students with preparation to meet doctoral standards in an applied science or engineering practice. Applied science as a focus for the doctoral degree refers to the study of advanced theory and its application to a practical problem in order to test and verify performance limitations.

The degree requires a high level of expertise in the theoretical aspects of relevant scientific principles and experience with details of the implementation of theory on realistic problems. Engineering practice as a focus for the degree is the study of different aspects that play a role in the transfer of technology, from its inception in research to the intended engineering environment, as well as relevant economic issues.

The Doctor of Engineering is for the engineering professional looking to upgrade their skills, knowledge and qualifications and to achieve a Doctoral qualification through a complementary combination of coursework and research project work.

With your doctorate you can pursue a career as an academic, consultant or manager within the engineering profession in a diverse range of industries worldwide.