Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering

A recognized leader in engineering education, University of Santander's systems engineering degree has proven attractive to high-tech employers for more than 10 years. A master's systems engineering degree enhances student decision-making and problem solving abilities through a curriculum that incorporates up-to-date tools and techniques that can be put into practice immediately in the workplace.

The program draws on the expertise and experience of the faculty who prepare graduates in key advanced subjects, including systems engineering principles, system modeling and analysis, decision and risk analysis, design of experiments and system requirements analysis.

Experienced Faculty & Professional Learning Environment

The University of Santander' learning environment is mature, cooperative and designed for collaborative study, giving those graduate students who are already industry professionals an advanced program of study they can apply to their workplace. In this program, students design and refine systems to tackle technical, cost and schedule requirements while minimizing potential defects and risks. The faculty at University of Santander' brings years of industry experience to the classroom, providing systems engineering degree students with a real-world understanding of the field.