Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

The following sections apply to each student majoring in any undergraduate program housed in the Civil Engineering Department: Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Construction Management. In these sections, "program" refers to any of these programs and "student" refers to any student (UCOL, Intended, or Professional Program) majoring in any one of these programs.

Refer to the College of Engineering section of this catalog for additional information concerning the following topics: Admission to the College of Engineering, Advising, Admission into the Professional Program, College of Engineering Academic Regulations, Honors Degrees in Engineering, Professional Engineering Licensure, and Cooperative Education.

Admission Requirements

Admission as an Architectural Engineering major, a Civil Engineering major, or a Construction Management major is subject to the relevant requirements and policies of Engineering.  The Civil Engineering Department does not impose additional requirements.

Careers in Construction Management

  • field supervision
  • planning
  • estimation
  • scheduling
  • quality control
  • design