Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in global business and a concentration in risk management and insurance highlights the importance of risk management within the context of a global business framework. Our program will offer you opportunities to obtain proficiency in risk management and insurance concepts as they are applied to servicing both commercial and personal insurance needs.

Faculty members are highly qualified and possess diverse academic and business backgrounds. Because our faculty members have real-world experience, the course instruction focuses not only on vital concepts but also on practical application of these concepts. In addition, faculty members also possess real-world business connections that help students like you get jobs and build careers.

The University of Santander is committed to helping students achieve educational goals. As a recipient of the BSBA in global business with a concentration in risk management and insurance, you’ll graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and cope with the challenges of managing the risks faced by businesses operating in a dynamic, global workplace. The curriculum is highly relevant to the needs of students and the requirements of their employers. University of Santander’s curriculum and highly qualified faculty provide students with the foundation to become successful leaders in business, industry, and government.