One of the more important decisions you will need to make when planning to study is where to live.

Living in a community of peers, in quality accommodation, with strong support services and easy access to campus, makes academic success more likely. Our residences give you a great environment to complement your academic studies.

With five halls of residence and eight self-catered flats and apartments available, each residential community offers you the benefits of living here.

    • A great student lifestyle
    • Personal and academic support.
    • Friendships that will last a lifetime, with people from all over the world.
    • Accommodation fees are calculated for the full period stated in the Residential Agreement, and include utilities such as water, electricity, and internet access.

Accommodation fees for the term of your residential agreement are charged to your room account in the following way:

  • Advance Payment & Residential Services Fee: These are both charged to your account prior to the start of your residential period and payment must be received before you are permitted to check into residence.
  • Remaining Balance: The remaining balance of your accommodation fees will be applied to your account fortnightly according to the payment schedules below. You are required to make payment of each fortnightly charge by the corresponding due date.
  • Additional Charges: It is your responsibility to ensure that any additional charges made to your account due to damages, defaulting on payments, or items purchased through the online shop are paid in full before you check-out.