Master of Islamic Studies


Combining the traditional Islamic sciences with contemporary discourse on religion and Islam, This course develops your ability to analyse information relating to a broad range of Islamic matters. This course is part of an articulated program of study. Articulated programs allow you to build on your study to achieve the right level of qualification for you.

The Master of Islamic Studies deals with social and cultural aspects behind the Muslim belief. Within your study, you learn to comprehend and analyse the Islamic religion, while shedding light upon the religious practice and culture immediately connected with it. You develop a feeling for why Islamic societies have developed the way they did, as their Muslim community feeling can play a role in community- or nation-building processes – and this religious role is not to be underestimated in the greater analysis of a society’s development. Gender roles, for instance, represent a vivid example of a religiously-founded cultural aspect that constitutes a significant structure in certain Muslim societies.