Master of Arts in Teaching


A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is often an extension of education for those who already hold a Bachelor's in Education or Teaching. Often times people extend their education to a Master of Arts for an increase in pay and/or to add specialties within the education field. Some may also pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching to begin a teaching career after going into an unrelated field for a time. A Master of Arts in Teaching can be in any topic or subject area in which a teaching degree can be earned, as well as, further specialties.

Leaders in Education

The need for excellent teachers has never been greater. We believe teaching is intellectually challenging work that enhances knowledge and human sensitivity. It is work that can subtly but surely make a mark on the world. By bringing high expectations, strong academic preparation, and a caring and collaborative focus to all of the children they teach, MAT graduates pursue leadership opportunities in the classroom and beyond. As teachers, educational researchers, school leaders, and community advocates, they influence reform in our nation’s schools.

Students without appropriate teaching majors and minors and other general education requirements will be required to complete the necessary course work as post-degree students before entering the M.A.T. program. Applicants to M.A.T. programs must be admissible to the Graduate School and the College of Education Division of Teacher Education.