Bachelor of Science in Public Safety

Public safety specialists include emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, police officers, 911 dispatchers, and firefighters. Government agencies at all levels and other organizations hire public safety specialists.

Entry-level public safety jobs can often be acquired with high school degrees, but individuals with college degrees will qualify for more positions and have better employment prospects. Popular college degree programs in public safety include EMT, law enforcement, criminal justice, emergency management and fire science programs. Many jobs in public safety can be obtained after completing a professional certificate program. Completing a certificate in public safety or emergency management after earning a bachelor's degree is also good game plan for those interested in launching a career in public safety.

Bachelor's Degrees Public Safety 

Earning a bachelor's degree in public safety or emergency management is good preparation for entry-level career opportunities. Often programs in emergency management offer concentrations in public safety and public safety programs offer concentrations in emergency management. Either path offers students the fundamental knowledge and skills they'll require to launch a successful career in either field. Public safety and emergency management bachelor degree programs teach students how to organize and manage human, medical and financial resources in order to prepare for disasters, terrorist attacks and other emergencies.