Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Why study chemistry?

At University of Santander, we have faculty dedicated to mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students and to helping each student achieve scientific maturity. In addition to required classroom and laboratory courses, options exist for doing research in exciting areas of mainstream chemistry, including emerging fields of microfluidics, precision medicine and sustainable catalysis

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in the Department of Chemistry has two primary missions. One of these is to help its majors attain a mastery of the discipline in preparation for further study in chemistry or a chemical science, or for immediate employment in chemistry. The other is to provide an opportunity for students majoring in other disciplines to acquire a basic knowledge of the fundamental areas of chemistry.

The curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, a rigorous program certified by the American Chemical Society, consists of a full spectrum of chemistry courses as well as supporting courses in mathematics and physics, and is designed to prepare students for a professional career in chemistry. The Bachelor of Chemistry degree program, with fewer required courses, allows students to obtain a broader knowledge of areas outside of chemistry, or to tailor their chemistry program for specific or unique objectives. We also offer a Minor in chemistry for those seeking a secondary area of study.